The Last Ever Hampden Idol?!?

Maybe. Maybe not? Probably. Just to be safe, you probably want to sign up for this one in case it never happens ever again in our lifetimes. The Hampden Idol competition is going down at Hampdenfest on September 19, 2015. This year is the year that your amazing karaoke performance art will win it all.

Sign Up Is Full!

We’ve received more sign ups than we could have ever hoped for. Thank you! If you missed the sign up window, please come out the day of the event. We'll be randomly adding a few contestants from the audience. Thanks for your interest!

What Is a Hampden Idol?

It’s the most insane, anything goes karaoke competition that you can imagine. We launch rockets. We have people in costumes. We sometimes sing, but it's not required. Sign up, and do your damndest, and you can win a ton of great prizes from Hampden merchants.